Quorum Readthrough

This past weekend, a number of old and new JAT actors and crew gathered together in Deepest Springfield to read through writer-director Bill Coughlan’s new script for Quorum.

Quorum: The Gambler’s Tale — Outstanding Debts

The first of several tales of the Quorum.

We don’t want to give away too many details just yet, we can say it’s a neo-noir adventure full of twists and more than a few cliffhanger episode endings.

So, in other words, the format will be familiar to those of you who’ve heard Rogue Tyger, but the tone and direction will very much be its own.

Writing is re-writing, after all.

Writing scripts is usually one of the longest parts of the process and this weekend’s reading was a valuable part of the process. We got to hear the script aloud, not necessarily the first time the writer has heard the words aloud, but the first time actors have encountered it.  We’ve this sort of exercise, the reactions, and the feedback to propel Bill into the next draft.

We’re planning to produce this first tale of the Quorum next year.

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