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Some Classic Audio Frights for Your Halloween

Audio drama is often described as “the theater of the mind,” and some of the best horror stories leave things up to one’s imagination. So it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that there are some top-notch horror radio programs from the days of yore. When we think of rating things at PG: parental guidance…

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Live Theater Revisits Audio Theater

A lot of the company has worked, and continues to work, in live theater — though now it isn’t as easy. We previously shared a message from the artistic director of the Guthrie Theater in Minnesota about theater’s enduring qualities. Theaters are continuing to find ways to weather the closures, and one way, as detailed…

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Thoughts on Live Theater

While we’re usually not a live theater experience, many of our actors work in the DC theater community… and we love it when we have been able to perform live. So this message has additional impact.

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