Broadcast Time Change on WERA

If you’re one of the folks who listen to us live on the air (including live streaming over the internet), we have news!

Starting this month, Jabberwocky Audio Theater is moving from Sundays at 4pm ET to Sundays at 3pm ET.

WERA, live on the air

This is part of an overall move on the station’s part to consolidate similar programs, so we’ll still be followed by our fellow audio fiction show The Hawk Chronicles, but now follow Paul McGehee’s Time Machine.

Now you can enjoy a big block of audio fiction and history every Sunday afternoon. That schedule again is:

  • 1:30pm ET – Paul McGehee’s Time Machine
  • 3:00pm ET – Jabberwocky Audio Theater
  • 3:30pm ET – The Hawk Chronicles

Broadcast Schedule On Hold for June

For all our listeners who like to tune into WERA every Sunday at 4pm ET, we have some bad news: we’ll be off the air for the month of June.

Our “home base” radio station is doing some much-needed maintenance and upgrades, so all the pre-recorded programs will be off until June 30th.

You should be able to hear us again on Sunday, July 3rd.

AIM Calls for Aid!

As many of you know, our shows start on broadcast radio, WERA-LP 96.7 FM in Arlington, Virginia to be precise.

WERA is community radio, as in the program literally comes from the community. And it gives back, with news, coverage of local events, and some of the best value in media training around (which includes TV as well, since WERA is part of Arlington Independent Media).

But it also depends on the community for financial support in the best of times, so this past year has hit them hard, and Arlington Independent Media is looking to keep on going through their 39th year and beyond. They’ve been integral to our getting Jabberwocky Audio Theater off the ground again in 2018 and we’d love to see them continue.

Besides straight-up donating to them, they also have an auction going on as well as a special virtual concert fundraiser this weekend. Spread the word!