Behind Rogue Tyger #1: Nick DePinto

With the launch of JAT, we took the opportunity to do interviews with most of the cast members of our first production, Rogue Tyger. To start things off, JAT’s Kim Davenport interviews Nick DePinto, who plays Aidan Vosky on the series. CLICK TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE EXCLUSIVELY ON PATREON Length: 13:59 Rated AD-PG, so parental…

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Welcome to JAT

Wondering just what Jabberwocky Audio Theater is and what to expect? Bjorn Munson, the artistic director, is happy to explain in this updated 2023 version of our “Episode Zero.” Further details on all our shows are available at LISTEN TO THE EPISODE Length: 4:55 Rated AD-G for general audiences Cast (in order of speaking) Announcer:…

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