Team Profile: Yasmin Tuazon

Leading up to our live performance of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds at Escape Velocity, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Yasmin TuazonYasmin Tuazon
Lisa Howes, Warthog Two, Running Crew
Yasmin Tuazon is pleased as punch to return to Jabberwocky Audio Theater, where she last could be heard as Dr. Shen Enling in the series Rogue Tyger. Her voice has also featured in Lean and Hungry Theater’s broadcast of Much Ado About Nothing, and a host of books for Graphic Audio.  When people can see her, she has worked with the Source Theater Festival, dog & pony dc, The Welders, and Rorschach Theatre, where she is a company member and last appeared in Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig’s 410 [Gone].

Team Profile: Brooks Tegler

Leading up to our live performance of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds at Escape Velocity, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Brooks TeglerBrooks Tegler
Narrator, Brig Gen Lawrence Marvin, Warthog Lead
Brooks Tegler is an actor, voice actor, writer, and WW1-WW2 historian and reenactor — with a special area of focus on the USAAF and RAF of WW2. He has also been a professional jazz musician, band leader, and recording artist for several decades.

Team Profile: Steve Ray

Leading up to our live performance of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds at Escape Velocity, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Steve Ray
Steve Ray
Bob Fredericks
A 40-year veteran of the entertainment industry with 20 of those in Los Angeles. He worked primarily as a 1st A.D. with first-time directors and writers directing their own scripts, as well as on-camera and notable voice over work for commercials and live events, including the NYC Marathon Night of Champions, Jefferson Awards for Excellence in Public Service & the Presidential Inauguration Parade & Concert. Behind the mic he was the host of “The Golden Days of Radio” and worked with it’s original host Frank Bresee (Little Beaver on the “Red Ryder” radio series in the 1940s). For 7 seasons he was the TV & Radio Promo Voice of the Washington Nationals, and among his list of clients is the Choral Arts Society of Washington, Comedy Central, Sinclair Broadcast Group & Disabled American Veterans, voicing over 250+ radio & television spots. He is also the Director of the White House News Photographers Assn annual “Eyes on History” Gala. In front of the camera he has worked with such diverse directors as Sam Raimi (Darkman), Dan Ackroyd (Nothing But Trouble) & Bryan Singer (Public Access). As a film & television director he has 3 short films and numerous government training projects to his credit. Production credits include the Kennedy Center Honors, Mark Twain Prize for American Humor & In Performance at the White House. He holds a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from American University & post graduate studies in Entertainment Law & the Actors/Directors Advanced Program from UCLA.

Team Profile: Carol McCaffrey

Leading up to our live performance of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds at Escape Velocity, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Carol McCaffreyCarol McCaffrey
Dr. Isabella Perrotin
Carol McCaffrey has a well-rounded background in arts and communication.  She has been a film and stage actor in the DC area for the past 15 years. In the late 1900’s, she was a feature film screenplay development executive in L.A. (with 6 movies to her credit). She has also worked in the non-profit, marketing and advertising realms. Carol is passionate about environmental and animal protections in every respect, is a long-time vegan, and will gladly talk with you all about it. She loves working with Bjorn, Bill and this whole lovely, fun, talented group – at every opportunity – to bring good stories to light! BTW, one of her favorite character voices is the Wicked Witch of the West.

Team Profile: John Maestri

Leading up to our live performance of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds at Escape Velocity, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

John MaestriJohn Maestri
Composer for screen, video games, and podcasts, this is John’s third music collaboration with Team J.  His composition credits include DeLeon Crossing and Rogue Tyger (Team Jabberwocky), The Darryl Winston Show (PBS-DCTV), Close Quarters (Tohubohu Productions), and CityZen (Metamoki).  Additionally, John is a member of the Fleet Street Collective, an award winning group of orchestrators and arrangers recognized for reimagining Sweeney Todd and The Mystery of Edwin Drood into face melting metal.

As an in-demand percussionist and drummer, John has performed around the DMV with various ensembles and toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia with the New England Youth Ensemble.  His highlights include performing three times at Carnegie Hall, participating in the Washington National Opera’s Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program, and participating in BMI Composing for the Screen workshop (New York) and the Conductors’ Academy (Radom, Poland).

He is currently the Executive Producer of the Frederick Jazz Festival and resides in Frederick, MD with his wonderful wife and son.

Team Profile: Nick DePinto

Leading up to our live performance of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds at Escape Velocity, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Nick DePintoNick DePinto
DeSoto, Warthog Three
NICK DEPINTO is an American actor. He is known mostly for his stage work and his facility with a wide range of vivid characters across many periods & styles. He is also a musician, songwriter & visual artist. He has performed on two continents in three separate nations and toured the USA extensively earning a Wilde Award for his portrayal of Abe Steinman in The Kentucky Cycle. He was recently nominated for a Helen Hayes Award for Best Supporting Actor in Washington DC. Nick is the host of the Customs & Border Protection video shown at all major ports of entry into the USA. He originated the role of Jack in Live Broadcast, a play published by Samuel French & written by John William Shiffbauer and is the voice of the Marvel X-Men character Colossus for Graphic Audio. When not working Nick likes to write songs, play music with his bands, paint, take photographs & do Vulcan impersonations for the delight of others.

Team Profile: William R. Coughlan

Leading up to our live performance of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds at Escape Velocity, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

William R. CoughlanWilliam R. Coughlan
Associate Artistic Director, Announcer, Artilleryman
William R. Coughlan is an award-winning screenwriter, director, and editor, and heads the independent film and video production company Tohubohu Productions. With more than two decades’ experience in independent film and corporate media production, he recently stepped into the presidency of the board of directors for TIVA, the Television, Internet and Video Association of DC. A lifelong (some may say obsessive) fan of science — both fact and fiction — Coughlan also enjoys acting, voiceover performance, design and illustration, animation, and writing autobiographical comments in the third person.

Casting Notice – Multiple Voice Actors Wanted for Neo-Noir Audio Drama

Update: If you’re reading this after the submission deadline (May 31, 2018), we’d just like to remind people that submissions are closed.

Feel free to create or update your profile on Stonehenge Casting for the casting notice our next project, which will probably be posted this Fall.

Jabberwocky Audio Theater is looking for multiple voice actors to join our existing company members to record an action-packed, neo-noir mystery this summer for broadcast later this Fall.

The Gambler’s Tale: Outstanding Debts will be a 10-part audio mini-series written and directed by award-winning filmmaker William R. Coughlan and produced by Jabberwocky Audio Theater. Set in Las Vegas in the early 2000s, this tale follows Jimmy Harmon, a young, would-be poker pro as he stumbles into the machinations of a secretive group known as the Quorum.

Some of the characters who appear in this mini-series will reappear in other tales of the Quorum in future seasons, so we’ll be looking for actors we can work with long-term. You can also listen to our other main show, the sci-fi adventure Rogue Tyger, to get an idea of the work Jabberwocky Audio Theater produces.

This mini-series will be recorded at Arlington Independent Media on three separate Sundays in July and August for broadcast on their low-power FM station, WERA, in October. While this show will originate on non-commercial, non-profit radio, actors will receive $75 per recording session.

We are looking to collect all submissions (via Stonehenge Casting) by May 31st in order to schedule auditions at A.I.M. in June.

For further details, submission instructions, and the list of characters, please read below.

For questions not otherwise covered, email us at

Additional Details

We are collecting actor submissions via Stonehenge Casting
The company behind Jabberwocky Audio Theater, Team Jabberwocky, is also behind the annual Stonehenge Auditions held in Washington, DC as well as an online casting database, Stonehenge Casting. We will be using that tool.

Actors can register and create a free profile on Stonehenge Casting, which Team J and other local producers use to cast their projects. Check out the Submission Instructions for how to fill out your profile.


Recording Dates will be Sundays between July 15 and August 12
We will be recording all 10 episodes in three, day-long recording sessions.

The recording sessions will be on Sundays at AIM, from 10am to 6pm, including breaks and lunch.

We won’t be able to confirm our exact recording dates until June, but the three dates should fall within those five Sundays.

There’s a section within your Stonehenge Casting profile where you can list any conflicts in your availability. Please be sure to do so.

Recordings will be done in-person
We like to record old-school style for Jabberwocky Audio Theater. That means we start with a table read in the morning, make adjustments, and then get on our feet and record as a group. We know some audio theater groups produce shows with most –or all– of the actors recording remotely. We do not.

If you’re not local to the DC metro area and won’t be able to come to the recording studio in Arlington, Virginia, we’re sorry, but we won’t get a chance to work with you this time around.

This is not a commercial project
We love actors (hey, many of us are actors) and we’re not asking people to perform for nothing. However, this project is originating on non-commercial, non-profit radio (WERA-LP 96.7 FM).

While actors will receive what can be considered an honorarium or stipend for each recording session ($75 per recording session) it won’t be anything one might consider a commercial rate. If you need to focus on better-paying projects, we understand.

We are not looking to fill any other positions
This notice for actors only. We are not looking for writers, directors, composers, recording engineers, or any other positions at this time.

Submission Instructions

  1. If you have not already done so, create a free account on Stonehenge Casting.
  2. Create (or update) your actor profile. You do not need to have a 100% complete profile (e.g., if you don’t know your glove size, we’re good for now).
  3. Please link to any voiceover demos as well as any partial or complete schedule conflicts from 10am to 6pm on the following Sundays: July 15, July 22, July 29, August 5, August 12.
  4. Once your profile is ready, click on the “Projects” tab:
  5. Select the “Quorum | The Gambler’s Tale: Outstanding Debts | Voice Actors Needed” project and click the “submit” button at the bottom.
  6. The “Role(s) Interested In” and “Video Audition URL” fields will appear:
  7. Enter one or more roles in the “Role(s) Interested In” field. (See below for full list or characters). We will ignore any submissions that list “interested in all roles” or “any role you think is suitable for me” or the anything similar. There are over 30 roles. Make a choice.
  8. You may leave “Video Audition URL” blank, but you are welcome to link to a video clip that relates to the characters you are interested in OR to a relevant voiceover demo or clip.
  9. Click the “Submit” button again to complete the submission.

Per Team J’s regular casting policy, we will notify all actors submitting when casting decisions have been made.

Character Descriptions

Cast of Characters
The Key Figures
Jimmy HarmonMale, mid-20s - our protagonist, an erstwhile online poker pro, struggling to stay afloat (10 episodes)
Rachael "Peeps" LeblancFemale, mid-30s - a shifty poker player, grafter, and all-around shady character (6 episodes)
Wiktorja SelkowiczFemale, 60s - a semi-legitimate old-school Vegas mobster, part owner of the Limelight Hotel. She retains a Polish accent (5 episodes)
Wilmer CrickMale, 30s - Wiktorja's primary henchman, an ex-lineman prone to physical expression (5 episodes)
"Big Mike" DaltonMale, late 60s - a longtime fixture of the live poker scene, now heading the All-In Poker online site (4 episodes)
Detective Ben MarshallMale, 30s - a quirky Las Vegas homicide detective, who may or may not have ulterior motives (4 episodes)
Amber WonderlyFemale, 20s - a Vegas showgirl and part-time exotic dancer (4 episodes)
Will ArcherMale, 30s - a former college football player and friend of Jimmy's, now working at the Limelight (3 episodes)
AnnouncerOur vocal guide to the activities of the Quorum and the tales their actions inspire (10 episodes)
The Featured Players
Nicky MorrisMale, 30s - a trigger-happy gunsel, of indeterminate employ (3 episodes)
Detective BettyFemale, 30s - Detective Marshall's often-unseen partner (3 episodes)
Emil WatsonMale, 30s - one of Wiktorja's goons, quick-tempered, with an affinity for gunplay (2 episodes)
Bob "Hutch" HutchinsonMale, late 50s - a longtime poker pro and friend of Big Mike's (2 episodes)
Agent "Joshua"Male, late 30s - leader of a team of mysterious (possibly Federal) agents (2 episodes)
CrunchyMale, mid-30s - homeless man living in the tunnels underneath Las Vegas (1 episode)
The Ensemble
Frank RoslinMale, 30s - a garden-variety hood best suited for fisticuffs (2 episodes)
Drunk CowboyMale, 30s - an excitable and inebriated amateur poker player (2 episodes)
CowgirlFemale, late 20s - his overly enthusiastic girlfriend (2 episodes)
Agent "Roach"Male, 30s - one of Agent "Joshua's" subordinates (1 episode)
Peter SokolovMale, 40s - an enigmatic character holed up in the Lyon Majestic hotel (1 ensemble)
Bruce DundyMale, 60s - the owner of Tammy's Ranch Brothel outside Las Vegas (1 episode)
SkitchMale, 30s - grafter and associate of Peep's (1 episode)
VeraFemale, 40s - bartender at the Remington Hotel and Casino (1 episode)
BobbyMale, 20s - bartender at the Remington's Sunset Lounge (1 episode)
NewscasterAn authoritative, disembodied voice on the radio (2 episodes)
The Chess Pieces
Mr. KingMale, 60s - the head of the mysterious group known as the Quorum (2 episodes)
Mr. QueenMale, 40s - the director of the Quorum's current operation, of Middle-Eastern descent (2 episodes)
Mr. BishopMale, 50s - the chief statistician for the Quorum (2 episodes)
Ms. KnightFemale, 50s - the Quorum's current finance officer (2 episodes)
Ms. RookFemale, 60s - the Quorum's senior-most and most skeptical member (2 episodes)
The Colorful Atmosphere
Poker DealerDealer in the Limelight poker room (1 episode)
Poker PlayerPoker player at the Limelight Hotel and casino. (1 episode)
Smoking Guest 1A Lyon Majestic hotel guest trying to enjoy a cigarette (1 episode)
Smoking Guest 2Another Lyon Majestic guest of similar intent (1 episode)
Casino Attendee 1A gamer at the Remington Casino and admirer of Big Mike's (1 episode)
Casino Attendee 2Another gamer at the Remington Casino (1 episode)
Upperclassman 1A poker-playing student from Jimmy Harmon's college days (1 episode)
Upperclassman 2A student mentor to neophyte poker player Jimmy Harmon (1 episode)
RoommateJimmy's roommate at William & Mary (1 episode)
ReceptionistFemale, 30s - friendly receptionist at Tammy's Ranch Brothel (1 episode)
Brothel BouncerMale, 30s - security officer at Tammy's Ranch Brothel (1 episode)
LarryMale, 30s - security guard at the Lyon Majestic hotel (1 episode)
Ominous VoiceA notably sadistic torturer , though he would likely describe himself as "a man of wealth and taste."(1 episode)
People of Las VegasAssorted denizens of the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area