Through a Glass, Darkly

Through a Glass, Darkly

Whether it’s ghosts from the past to possible futures to a present gone wrong, Through a Glass, Darkly is an anthology series of dramatic readings and other adaptations of classic works.

Upcoming Schedule

  • To be scheduled

Additional tales being developed for future seasons.

Story Index

Episode One: “Tailypo” performed by Brooks Tegler and “The Open Window” performed by Bjorn Munson

Episode Two: “The Rats in the Walls (Part One)” performed by William R. Coughlan

Episode Three: “The Rats in the Walls (Part Two)” performed by William R. Coughlan

Episode Four: “The Old Nurse’s Story (Part One)” performed by Carol McCaffrey

Episode Five: “The Old Nurse’s Story (Part Two)” performed by Carol McCaffrey

Episode Six: “The Raven” & “The Masque of the Red Death” performed by William R. Coughlan