Tom Kramer

Tom KramerTom Kramer is a lifelong fan of radio, growing up listening to a mix of Chicago talk radio and classic radio shows from the 1930s and 40s, and now as production director at a family of radio stations in northern Michigan. He has worked in broadcasting since before graduating from Beloit College where he studied journalism, theatre, and photography. Tom’s reporting has been featured on TV and radio stations across the midwest as well as Public Radio International and National Public Radio. His journalism has been recognized by the Associated Press and Broadcast News Associations in Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan, and occasionally by a relative.

Tom Kramer is thrilled to be reunited with Bjorn Munson for Jabberwocky Audio Theater — he and Bjorn were classmates at Beloit in the mid-1990s (back when dorm rooms had telephones and students didn’t have email addresses). Tom and his wife, Mandy, do their best to stay busy in Northern Michigan.