Michelle Kelly

Michelle KellyMichelle Kelly (she/her) is an actor, voice actor, singer and TTRPG performer based in Yorkshire, UK. 

As an actor she has worked in a huge number of productions, from stage plays in traditional theatres to outdoor sensory immersive narratives to operetta at international festivals. She is particularly proud of her work with Frozen Light, a company creating sensory work for adults described as having Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. She has also worked with both Lora Krasteva and Response Ability Theatre on the development and performance of verbatim work exploring issues facing marginalised people in modern Britain. Michelle is eagerly awaiting the release of her first feature film appearance later in 2024!
You can hear Michelle’s voice acting in many independent audio dramas, including The Silt Verses, The Secret of St Kilda and Shadows at the Door. She can also be heard in an interactive installation created with Collusion for Battersea Arts Centre and appears in a series on the popular Zombies, Run! app. Tabletop Roleplaying Games are a huge passion for Michelle, and she is forever popping up on actual play podcasts and livestreams. Look out for her playing live on Twitch with Girls Run These Worlds, Hoard of Tales, RPGeeks and Actual Play UK, and hear her in The One Shot Network Podcast, QueeRPG and more.
When not performing, Michelle is proud to volunteer on the Board of Directors for Strut Safe. Strut Safe is a non-profit organisation which runs a UK wide, non-judgemental phone line for people to call while out alone at night. As the Director of Strategy, Michelle is involved in all aspects of the organisation’s function, checking in with all teams on a regular basis and leading the continuous improvement of the phone line both for callers and volunteers. She also makes media appearances to spread the word about Strut Safe’s work and is available to give talks to private organisations on the subjects of street safety, direct action and community organising, and gender inclusivity in activist spaces.
Occasionally, Michelle has some spare time to drink tea, cuddle with her two beloved greyhounds, and try out new vegan recipes. 

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