Lydia Kraniotis

Lydia KraniotisLydia Kraniotis is a DC-based comedian with a varied repertoire. She has a background in theatre, Improv and on-camera acting. Nowadays, however, Lydia is primarily focused on standup and voice acting, as well as exploring memoir and essay writing. She keeps threatening to rekindle a long-defunct blog, but the ADHD… you know.

Lydia can be seen performing all over the DC area, often to a room full of other comics. She hopes to make a go of it with her original work, but also loves collaborating on projects with talented and imaginative people. As such, working with JAT has been a true highlight. Being a part of such a fun and inventive production with the absolutely motley cast of characters involved has been priceless, especially since radio has always been a favorite medium. Long live audio theatre!

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