Kia Joon

Kia JoonKia Joon (he/him), is a SWANA voice actor and speaker of 4 languages. He’s been a gamer since his cousin sat him on his lap and played Sonic The Hedgehog 2 with him at the age of 4, which led him to hear all kinds of silly voices. He started mimicking these voices and making some of his own throughout the years, and he’d like to formally apologize for any prank calls that might have come your way.

You might have heard Kia in the DLC of House Flipper 2 or a Topo Chico Spotify ad, and he’s done a smattering of movie dubs and audiobooks. He vows that if Nintendo ever decides that Link will speak, Kia will lend his voice to him.
When he’s not screaming into the abyss, Kia is an activist. He has a strong moral compass, and just wants to help make the world a better place — one Persian cucumber at a time.

Hear his work in: