Casting Notice – Quorum: The Messenger’s Tale

Jabberwocky Audio Theater is recording another tale set in the world of Quorum. This special solo episode, The Messenger’s Tale, takes place amid the streets of Washington, DC, as a bike courier tries to finish one last job before she starts a new life.

Unlike last year’s auditions for Quorum, we will be collecting audition mp3s (or wavs) via DropBox by Saturday, October 5th. We’ll then have one or two recording sessions in late October or Early November and broadcast on Sunday, December 22nd.

Tentative Recording Dates

We will need ideally one, but possibly two recording sessions. As with the main season, it will be at Arlington Independent Media starting with a table read, followed by the recording session. The total session (table read and session) should be four hours or less. The possible date and time ranges we’re looking at are:

  • Saturday, October 19th, 10am to 8pm
  • Sunday, October 20th, 10am to 8pm
  • Saturday, October 26th, 10am to 8pm
  • Saturday, November 2nd, 10am to 8pm
  • Sunday, November 3rd, 10am to 8pm
  • Saturday, November 9th, 10am to 8pm
  • Sunday, November 10th, 10am to 8pm

For those of you whose characters are returning (i.e., the Chess Pieces, and the Announcer), we have already sent a message to you about scheduling.

Cast of Characters

Many of the Key Figures (e.g. Jimmy Harmon) from The Gambler’s Tale will return for the next installment. That means for The Messenger’s Tale, we’re mainly looking for some new voices from the extended company and from whom we’ve auditioned in the past year for these “Key Figures” and “Featured Players.” Some of the characters, like the Chess Pieces, have already appeared, so the plan is to have them come back. Also, just like in Gambler’s Tale, everyone (and Bjorn and Bill) will voice some of the Colorful Atmosphere (who often have just one line).

Cast of Characters
The Key Figures
“Swipe” (Marion)Female, late 20s — our protagonist, a longtime bike messenger on her last day on the job
AngelaFemale, 20s — Swipe’s fiancée, steadily employed and eager for them to move on with their lives
Announcer (Marsha Rehns)Our vocal guide to the activities of the Quorum and the tales their actions inspire
The Featured Players
MelissaFemale, early 20s — an eager, idealistic political volunteer for the Mary Lucas Senate campaign
MannyMale, late 30s — dispatcher for DC Speed Courier; acts confident but defaults to nervousness
IsaFemale, 20s — longtime friend and confidant to Swipe and Angela
SpiderMale, 30s — fast but selfish and reckless courier in Manny's employ
FälschungMale, 40s — intimidating character acting as a member of the Lucas campaign
The Ensemble
RyanMale, 20s — another worker on the Lucas campaign
YertleMale, 50s — longtime bicycle courier, known for reliability if not speed
The Chess Pieces
Mr. King (Pete Papageorge)Male, 60s — the head of the mysterious group known as the Quorum
Mr. Queen (Joel Snyder)Male, 40s — the director of a large-scale Quorum operation, of Middle-Eastern descent
Mr. Bishop (Brian Crane)Male, 50s — the chief statistician for the Quorum
Ms. Knight (Anna Fitzgerald)Female, 50s — the Quorum’s current finance officer
Ms. Rook (Faith Potts)Female, 60s — the Quorum’s senior-most and most skeptical member, and leader of the Quorum’s current operation
The Colorful Atmosphere
Georgetown ResidentA person walking in a Georgetown residential neighborhood
M Street CrosserSomeone trying to cross M Street during rush hour
West End DriverA driver navigating the traffic in front of GWU Hospital
College StudentA pedestrian crossing through Washington Circle
Downtown Driver An angry driver on Pennsylvania Avenue
Truck DriverA truck driver near Lafayette Square, losing control in bad weather
Passer-By 1A concerned citizen in the vicinity of Capitol Hill
Passer-By 2A concerned citizen in the vicinity of Capitol Hill
Passer-By 3A concerned citizen in the vicinity of Capitol Hill
People of WashingtonAssorted denizens of downtown Washington, DC

Sides and Submission Instructions

Enclosed are the sides for the various characters (If you are auditioning for Swipe, please record both the Swipe/Manny and Angela/Swipe sides):

Remember, we’re focusing on the Key Figures, Featured Players, and Ensemble, not including the announcer, who’s already cast. So if you’re submitting for something, please make sure it’s for one of those characters.

Note: Isa = EE-suh and Fälschung = FAHL-shoong

If you’re a company member who just wants to join in for one or more of the characters in the “Colorful Atmosphere,” let us know.

Record yourself reading your preferred role (or roles) from the sides and upload the files to our Dropbox folder. You should not need any account with Dropbox to do so, just click on this Dropbox link. MP3s are perfectly fine

Label the audio file “[Character].mp3”. Dropbox will automatically add your name to it, so we’ll get a file called “Jane Submitter – Angela.mp3”

Please upload a separate audio file for each character.

If you have any questions, either about submitting or about the story and characters, please drop us a line at We look forward to your submissions!

William R. Coughlan, writer/director
Bjorn Munson, producer/casting director