Et Cetera

One-shots, podcast episodes about the podcast. Here’s where you’ll find them.

JAT Chats

Where we talk about the shows the just aired, the shows coming up, and answer your questions

JAT Chat # 1 (June 2018)
Welcome to Jabberwocky Audio Theater & background on Rogue Tyger

JAT Chat # 2 (September 2018)
Behind-the-scenes on Rogue Tyger, season one and a brief mention of War of the Worlds

JAT Chat # 3 (October 2018)
Background on War of the Worlds & a preview of Quorum

JAT Chat # 4 (December 2018)
Behind-the-scenes on Quorum: The Gambler’s Tale – Outstanding Debts & end-of year fun

JAT Chat # 5 (April 2019)
Bjorn and Bill talk about all the shows that will be coming up for our 2019 season including a special live performance in the DC area on May 25th at Escape Velocity.

JAT Chat # 6 (August 2019)
Bjorn and Bill talk about the end of season, two of Rogue Tyger, some of the shows coming up for the rest of the year and 2020 as well as pause to ask for your help in keeping all this audio theater going..

JAT Chat # 7 (May 2020)
Bjorn and Bill talk about our upcoming 2020 season, including Through the Looking Glass and Quorum, and talk about how we’re figuring out how to do things when we’re all remote.

JAT Jots

Brief updates, usually to make sure the podfeed doesn’t resemble a desolate electronic wasteland. Probably not of much interest, except for completionists.

JAT Jot # 1 (January 2020)
Just a little note in January 2020, during our off-season.

JAT Jot # 2 (February 2020)
A brief note in February 2020 during our off-season.

JAT Jot # 3 (March 2020)
An update for the Ides of March, which a special note about Shohreh Aghdashloo.

JAT Jot # 4 (April 2020)
An update for April 2020. We’re now less than a month away from being back on the airwaves!

JAT Jot # 5 (June 2020)
Given current events, we wanted to share some thoughts, especially with our friends and neighbors in the DC area. This was originally broadcast on WERA with TTLG episode #8, “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

JAT Promos

Promos and ads that have appeared on the podfeed and on social media.